Hey! Guess what? Don't want to come all the way to Roleystone?

Now offering availability in Kelmscott @ A New Do Hair N Beauty on Tuesdays. Book Now! Private room in the back.

Sales don’t often happen here…

But when they do, they do…

No gimmicks, no bullshit sales…

Are you strapped for cash?

Are you a repeat client of Luans?

Try the budget email reading! ***This reading offer is for clients who have been to see Luan at least once already.***


2 Questions

2 Question Email Reading. Great if you just have a couple of questions and need direct and to the point answers.

In Person Readings

30 minute, 60 minute + timed readings available. 30mins best suit clients who only have a couple of questions.  Luan does not recommend 30 minute readings if you have major life issues that need the time to look at the detail unless you intend on having a soon thereafter follow up.

1 Question Email Reading

A good buy if you don’t have time for an in person and just have the one question. Luan looks at all angles, 3rd party influences etc.

Live Typed Chat

Live typed chat on facebook messenger and phone readings (voice and video options) are very popular.

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