30min Readings in Kelmscott

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  • You can book for 30 or 60 mins in A New Do Hair N Beauty Kelmscott on Tuesdays. The choice is yours but please remember we are restricted by time.
  • If the booking system does not show up, simply email luan@lucidangel.com OR msg the facebook page.
  • THESE ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON SUNDAYS SORRY. Sundays are a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Readings are Psychic Medium. You can request the use of tools additionally ie tarot cards or Luan may choose to use them for in person readings.
  • This purchase can be used for In Person, Phone, Live Typed Chat, Video Messenger Readings or a timed Email reading if you wish.
  • 1 person per reading. No spectators.

*You should only buy 30min readings if you have 1 topic to cover or a few small questions.

All readings are timed and you must arrive on time and leave on time. Any client who remains over time, where possible, will be charged for doing so.

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